Cross-listing events with other SportiCal accounts

We encourage you to share your events with other organizations that use SportiCal. You'll get a wider audience and greater credibility for your events by participating in our cross-listing program.

Step 1 - Find the Event #

Go to the SportiCal page for the event you are interested in and look for the Event #


Step 2 - Add the crosslist event

Login to your SportiCal

On the top right, find the cross list icon under the SportiCal logo and click it.


Then click the "Add crosslist event" link and search by the event #.

Press the "Lookup" button and the event should appear below.

If this is correct, press the "Add" button


Step 3 - Wait for approval

You will be taken back to the cross-listed events page which shows

  • Other SportiCal events that appear (or will appear) on your account
  • Your events that appear (or will appear) on other SportiCal accounts

Crosslist events don't appear on your calendar immediately. The host organization will have to approve it first. SportiCal automatically sends them an email and our software manages the approval flow. 

Step 4 - Approval

Once your request has been approved, the event will appear on your calendar. The registration and event detail links will continue to point to the host organization.


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