Promo codes

Silver and Gold accounts allow you to create promo codes and offer them to your customers. Here's how to do it:

Login to your account

Click the My Account link in the bottom right.

Click Promos.


Click the Create new promo link in the submenu

Provide a descriptive name and the code you wish to use, or click the Create Random button to generate a code.

The amount of the discount can be specified in either percent or dollars. See examples below:

Total Registration Fee: $300
Promo Amount: 30 %
Fee Charged: $210

Total Registration Fee $300
Promo Amount: 30 $
Fee Charged: $270

Note that the discount is applied to every registration or ticket purchased using this code until its expiry.

Press the Save changes button.

The promo code is now listed in your Promos section. You can create as many codes as you wish.


To deactivate a code, simply click its Active link. Vice verca to make an inactive link active.

The uses column shows how many times each code has been used. Simply click on the number to see a listing of registrations associated with this code.


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