Setting up Credit Card Processing with Stripe

Credit Card processing through stripe is offered for Silver and Gold accounts. It offers a more seamless experience than PayPal, giving your organization a more professional appearance. Here's how to get started

1) Create your Stripe account

Go to Ensure your country is correctly selected at the bottom of the page. Stripe currently supports a number of countries including the US and Canada.

You will be asked to provide an email address and password. A validation email will be sent to ensure your address is correct. Click the link in the validation email.

2) Activate your Stripe Account

In order to start collecting payments, you'll need to provide some information about who you are. 

In the upper right corner of the Stripe dashboard (login again if necessary), click on Your Account > Activate Account.

Fill in the activation form carefully. It has four sections:

Organization/account information - including address, business number, and a description of what you do

Personal information - your name, date of birth and ID to confirm your identity

Credit card statement details - information to appear on your customer's statements when billed

Bank account details - your organization's account where the funds will be transferred

This information will be reviewed by Stripe. It may take a few days for approval. You should receive email notification from Stripe of your approval status.

3) Adding Stripe API Keys to SportiCal

In left sidebar menu of the Stripe dashboard (login again if necessary), click on Developer > API Keys. Under Standard API Keys look for the Publishable and Secret Keys. They should start with pk_live, and sk_live.


Login to your SportiCal and go to My Account (bottom right)

Under Account Settings, click "Edit this account"

Enter the two Stripe API keys carefully, and press the Save Changes button.

Now under Stripe Account it should say "Connected and able to receive payments". This confirms that you are able to receive credit card payments through your SportiCal account. Note: you can also offer PayPal by providing a PayPal account email address. if you leave the PayPal account field blank, it will not present PayPal as a payment option.

If it says "Connected but not activated", everything is good to go and you are just waiting on Stripe to approve your account.

4) Using the Stripe Dashboard

Now that SportiCal and Stripe are integrated, the Stripe dashboard will show the payments coming in, allow you to refund customers (if needed), and also modify the bank transfer settings. By default Stripe will automatically deposit funds in your bank account every week.

Stripe Dashboard is also accessible through an iPhone/Andriod app

5) Payment Details and Refunds

Once you start receiving credit card payments, you can view the details of the charge and issue refunds within SportiCal. Under the Registrations tab, notice that "Credit Card" is clickable.

By clicking the link you will see additional details including the amount paid, transaction fee, cardholder's name, last 4 digits of the card, expiry date, etc.

Use the "Refund" link to return the entire fee to the Credit Card used to make the original payment. Note: Stipe no longer reverses the transaction fees on refunds. Note that it can take up to 5-10 business days for the refund to be applied to the card.

Full Refunds

The refund link generates a full refund of the registration fee. You can identify fully refunded registrations by a red circular arrow icon where the paid symbol would normally be. Once a full refund has been issued, the registration is marked as unpaid, and moved from the confirmed to pending registration lists (freeing up available spaces).

Partial Refunds

Partial refund support is currently only available through the Stripe Dashboard. If you have setup a web-hook (see below), partial refunds will show up in SportiCal with a grey circular arrow icon where the paid symbol would normally be. Note that unlike full refunds, a partially refunded registration remains paid and confirmed (continues to hold space) unless you manually change it.

6) Stripe Dashboard Webhook

If you issue refunds using the Stripe Dashboard you'll want to setup a "webhook" so that SportiCal is notified of these refunds.

  1. Login to the Stripe Dashboard
  2. Click on "Developers" and then "Webhooks"
  3. Click the "Add endpoint" button
  4. Enter the URL as (replace "youraccount" with your actual SportiCal subdomain)
  5. Ensure mode is "Live" and "Send all event types" is selected
  6. Click "Create endpoint"



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