Custom registration policies

Paid accounts offer a feature that requires participants agree to your registration policies before accepting their registration. Here's how to do it:

Login to your account

Click the My Account link in the bottom right.


Click Policies in the top menu


Click the Create new policy link in the submenu.


Give the policy a descriptive name and details. See example below:

Press the Save changes button. Your policy now shows up on the list. You can add as many policies as you want, but each event can have only one policy.

Click the green return arrow to go to the main events listing.


Click on an event, and then click the REG-SETUP tab


Click the Edit setup link in the submenu bar. For registration policy, choose the desired policy from the dropdown menu.


Now, lets have a look at the registration form (you may see admin fields on the form if you're still logged in).



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